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Town Council Meeting
Apr 16, 2019

Town of Jarratt

Regular Council Meeting

108 S. Braxton Avenue

March 19, 2019


Council Present: Mayor Melanie Wilson, Anne Brown, Dana Kinsley, Roderic Tuell, Annie Peavy, Omar Smith

Council Absent: Mary Nye

Mayor Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Invocation by Councilwoman Annie Peavy

Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Melanie Wilson

Clerk Houchins conducted Roll Call; a quorum being established the meeting continued.

Mayor Wilson addressed some issued that had been brought to her attention regarding the Council members and Town staff.  Mayor Wilson assured the citizens that Councilwoman Brown, Councilman Smith nor herself had received any compensation for the work they had done at the restaurant or any of the other projects they had worked, it was all done because they wanted to help the Town save money.  There has been no contract signed for the lease of the restaurant, secret or otherwise.  The office is open when it is scheduled to be open and it is actually open more hours than it is scheduled because Mayor Wilson is there even on days it is not scheduled to be open.  Regarding legal matters, the Mayor reminded everyone that in on-going legal matters council is not at liberty to discuss those issues with anyone.

Mayor Wilson submitted requested reimbursement for the door and air blower she purchased for the restaurant and presented the receipts to council for consideration.  Councilman Tuell moved to reimburse the Mayor, seconded by Councilwoman Brown, Clerk Houchins conducted a called vote; all voted yea.  Motion passed.

Approval of Agenda: Councilwoman Brown moved to accept the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilman Tuell; Clerk Houchins conducted called vote: all members voted yea. Motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Councilman Tuell moved to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Councilwoman Brown; Clerk Houchins conducted called vote; all members voted yea. Motion passed.

Consideration of Appropriations: Councilman Tuell moved to pay the outstanding bills, seconded by Councilwoman Kinsley; Clerk Houchins conducted called vote; all members voted yea. Motion passed.

Audit, Finance & Personnel Committee:  Letters have been sent out for delinquent 2018 taxes.

Motor Pool – Health/Safety-Welfare Committee: Tires were installed on the Town pick-up truck in order for it to pass inspection.

Councilwoman Kinsley has gone by the property on Jarratt Avenue and nobody was home.

Streets & Utilities Committee: VDOT is performing maintenance on some of the ditches in Town.  Everyone was reminded of the upcoming public hearing regarding the proposed revised golf cart ordinance.

State & Local Legislative Committee: Councilwoman Kinsley addressed (2) two bills that will be taking effect on July 01, 2019.

Community Outreach & Facilities: Everyone was reminded that the First Annual Spring Fling will be held on April 13, 2019 and the Easter egg hunt will be held on April 20, 2019 and both events will be at the Johns Manville Clubhouse.

Restaurant Lease Proposals will be accepted until May 06, 2019 via sealed bid and all will be opened on May 07, 2019 at 7:00pm.

There is still no solution for the water tower.

Citizen Comments: There was a question regarding what type of food was going to be served at the restaurant.  Mayor Wilson stated that the people that had spoken with her it could range anywhere from steak to baked goods.

Councilwoman moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilwoman Kinsley.

The meeting was adjourned and immediately reconvened for additional business Council Smith wished to discuss.

Councilman Smith moved to have the trees cleared from the Johns Manville Clubhouse property and the funds used to help renovate the clubhouse, seconded by Councilwoman Brown; Clerk Houchins conducted a call vote; all members vote yea.  Motion passed.

Councilman Smith moved to move forward with the necessary repairs to the kitchen and the necessary repairs to the plumbing to enable the use of water and sewer in the Johns Manville Clubhouse, seconded by Councilwoman Brown; Clerk Houchins conducted a called vote; all members voted yea.  Motion passed.

Adjournment: 8:07pm



Melanie W. Wilson, Mayor




Judy Houchins, Clerk





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