JM Clubhouse Rental

General Information

The Town Council of Jarratt, Virginia makes the Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse available for use by groups, organizations and individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse is available for use by community organizations, non-profit community organizations, government agencies, businesses and individuals for functions.  The Council reserves the right to deny use of the Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse for reasons deemed sufficient by the Council.

Types of Facilities and Resources Available

The Meeting Room: is a 400 square foot open room that can maintain a group capacity of 30 or less.

The Johns Manville Clubhouse is a 3939 square foot open room that can maintain a group capacity of 213 or less.

Meeting Room use fees
  • One day (8 hour period) - $50.00
  • One-half day ( 4 hour period) - $25.00
  • Security Deposit Required - $25.00 – Due 10 days prior to the events
  • Special arrangements for weekly or full weekend use can be accommodated.
Johns Manville Clubhouse fees
  • One day - $400.00
  • Two day - $700.00
  • Security Deposit Required - $200.00 – Due 10 days prior to the events
  • An event which has any type ticket sales, alcohol or being held as a fundraiser, a $500.00 security deposit is required. Due 10 days prior to the events.

A non-refundable reservation fee of ½ of the rental fee will be collected to ensure the scheduling of the facility.  The remaining payment will be due no later than 45 days prior to the first day of rental.  This final payment will not be refunded less than 30 days prior to the first day of rental.


ALL EVENTS AT THE COUNCIL MEETING ROOM ARE TO BE OVER BY 5:00 P.M. (which includes clean-up and trash removal) ON MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS.

Rental of the Council Meeting room facility includes the following:

  • Two (2) Rectangular tables (6’ each)
  • 30 Chairs
  • One (1) 32 gallon trash can

Rental of the Johns Manville Clubhouse includes the following:

  • 14 Rectangular tables (6’ each)
  • 16 Rectangular tables (8’ each)
  • 200 Chairs
  • 22 Foot bar – the cabinets behind the bar are not for use and will remain locked.  Renter is responsible for providing their own ice
  • 19.9 x 12 covered BBQ area
Scheduling Procedure for the Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse

Council Meeting Room and Johns Manville Clubhouse reservations are made through the Town Clerk:

Town Clerk

Judy Houchins

P. O. Box 336
Jarratt, Virginia 23867

Phone: (434) 535-8865
Email: [email protected]

Once an event is placed on the master schedule, the renter or designated representative is required to submit a completed Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse Reservation Form.  Forms may be electronically submitted to [email protected].  Please make checks payable to Town of Jarratt.

Arrangements for any room set-up must be done by the renter.


Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse Reservation Form

The Council Meeting Room may be reserved using the Council Meeting Room Reservation Form.  This form must be completed and signed.  The completed Council Meeting Room Reservation Form must be returned to the Town Clerk at the time of booking.


Cancelation by renter

It the rental fee is paid in full and the renter cancels their event more than 30 days prior to the event, ½ of the full rental fee will be refunded.  Cancelation less than 30 days prior to the event forfeits all payments.


Types of events and limitations

The Town Council of Jarratt’s facilities are available for a variety of events including receptions, reunions, meetings, workshops and seminars.  Activities shall not be discriminatory or abusive of others by reasons of age, sex, religious beliefs, national origin or handicap.

Users are required to conform to the Code of Virginia with respect to all event activities including Virginia Health Department and Alcohol Beverage Control permits.  IT IS THE RENTER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ACQUIRE ANY PERMITS NECESSARY FOR THEIR EVENT.


Sponsoring individuals and organizations are responsible for the conduct of their guests while in the facility.  Renters must agree to assume full responsibility for liability, injury or damage to persons or property to the extent caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of renter and its guests.  A statement of insurance covering use of the facility may be required prior to use.  The Council accepts no liability for loss or damage of renters’ personal property except to the extent such loss was caused by the Council’s negligence or willful misconduct.

Facility Key

One entry key will be provided to user the day of the scheduled event, key will be available only after the rental and security fees are paid and reservation form completed.  At the end of the event the rental key should be returned to the Town Office.



No permanent fasteners or tape of any kind is allowed on walls, windows and ceilings.  Nothing is to be suspended from the drop down ceiling, window blinds or overhead apparatuses. Do not use nails or staples on the tables or on the bar area.  DECORATING MUST BE DONE WITHIN THE RENTAL PERIOD; IF YOU OR YOUR DECORATOR NEED ADDITIONAL DAYS TO DECORATE OR BREAK DOWN, YOU NEED TO RENT THE ADDITIONAL DAYS.


Food and refreshments may be served in the Council Meeting Room.  The renter is responsible for providing refreshments, cleanup, placement of trash in containers, and for the cost of the repair and/or professional cleaning of any damaged or soiled furniture, floors, carpet or walls.  The renter is also responsible for the cleanup of any outdoor areas that are utilized.  Town personnel will not assume responsibility for any aspect of food and/or refreshment service.  The renter must provide items such as tablecloths, water pitchers, utensils, glasses, paper products, etc.


Renter may provide alcohol in the Johns Manville Clubhouse in strict compliance with all the laws of the State of Virginia.  Rules governing alcohol and applications can be found at the following link: Renter must provide a Bartender to serve alcohol to the adult guests.  NO PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 21 CAN CONSUME ALCOLHOL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  All persons must be able to prove their age to the Bartender if asked.  Any person who cannot act responsibly with alcohol will be told to leave by the Sheriff’s Department.  Any person may be removed for public intoxication or inappropriate behavior at any time and at the sole discretion of the Sheriff’s Department.  For an event which has any type ticket sales, alcohol or being heal as a fundraiser, a $500.00 security deposit is required.  If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, you must obtain a permit and supply a copy of same to the Town Clerk to attach to your reservation form.


Parking for the Council Meeting Room is available on the West and South sides of the Town Office. Parking for the Johns Manville Clubhouse is available in the front of the building.

Third Party Rentals

Renters may not book the Council Meeting Room/Johns Manville Clubhouse for the purpose of renting to another party (“third party rental”) without prior approval from the Town Clerk.

Renter Responsibility

The undersigned renter shall be at least 21 years of age and shall be legally responsible for compliance with all articles of this rental request, and any damages, which may occur to the Council Meeting Room as a result of the usage covered by this rental request form.  The undersigned renter shall be present at all times during the reservation period.

Drugs and Obscenities

Absolutely no illegal drugs of any kind are allowed in the Council Meeting Room or on the grounds.  The renter is responsible for the overall behavior of all guests during the reservation period.  Any obscenities, lewd, obscene, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Any use of drugs or obscenities may result in the person(s) and or entire function being asked to leave the premises either by Council members, Town employees or Sheriff’s Department.  NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

Pyrotechnics, Open Flames, Tents and Air Support Structures

All pyrotechnic displays and open flames (excluding tabletop candles) outdoors will require permits and approval by the Greensville County Fire Official, pyrotechnic displays will not be allowed inside the building.  Tents and air supported structures with an occupant load greater than 50 people or with an area greater than 900 square feet will require a permit from the Greensville County Building Inspections Department.

Required Exits and Egress

All marked exit doors and corridors shall remain clear and free of obstructions during the entire rental period.

Bingo Equipment

Under no circumstances are you to try to move the BINGO equipment or let anyone play with it.  There is a back charge for damage to this equipment.

Barter System of Payment

The Town Council will allow the “Barter System” as payment for one (1) rental only.  This is how the barter system will work: an individual or organization can come and work at the Johns Manville Clubhouse to earn hours towards the rental fee of the Clubhouse.  In order for your hours worked to be calculated towards a rental, you must have Donald Seaborne at the location with you; hours will not be accrued unless it is done in this manner.  You will need to invest 29 hours of labor to achieve enough hours for a one day rental.  You will still need to submit a reservation form and security deposit.

Johns Manville Clubhouse Electrical

In the electrical switchbox, turn off/on only those switches which are painted red on the end.  There are 5 of the switches; 4 at the top of the panel and 1 at the bottom of the panel.

Johns Manville Clubhouse heating/ac

In the heating season, cut the heat back to 50 degrees when leaving.  In the air conditioning season, cut the A?C to the OFF position when you leave.

Johns Manville Clubhouse Event End Time

All events held at the Johns Manville Clubhouse must be concluded by 1:00am

Johns Manville Clubhouse Furnishings

Tables and chairs are NOT to be removed from the building. Do not drag tables and chairs on the floor, pick them up when moving them.

Johns Manville Clubhouse Doors

The back doors to the Clubhouse are not to be opened during your event.  There are no back steps and someone could easily fall and injury themselves. All doors are installed with a bar across for security, these bars can be removed from the doors on either side of the fireplace for emergency exits, but only open these doors in case of an emergency.  All bars must be replaced during lock-up after your event.

Council/Town Employee Event Inspection

At any time during your event, Town Employees and/or Town Council may arrive and inspect the activities at our event to verify everything is running smoothly.  If Town Employees/Council members stop in to verify activities, they should be greeted warmly and with respect.  They are not there to partake in the activities.

Event End Time

Meeting Room:  All events must be completed by 9:00pm, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday; the completion time is 5:00pm.  This includes all clean up.

Johns Manville Clubhouse: All events must be completed by 1:00am; no exceptions.

Clean Up Requirements

Thank you for choosing the Council Meeting Room for you event.  Please do us a courtesy of leaving the room the way you found it.  The renter is responsible for cleaning the room.  The Town provides garbage cans for the convenience of the renter. The renter must supply their own trash bags. All cleaning supplies can be found in the kitchen area (broom, mop & bucket, dust pan, sponges) along with extra toilet paper.  Renter must complete the following clean up:

  • Clean off all tables and wipe up any spills
  • Mop kitchen floor with Pine Cleaner (if used)
  • Clean up any food and/or drink spills on “main floor” (dry rag only –NO WATER to be used on wood floors)
  • Carefully take down decorations
  • Kitchen must be cleaned of your supplies
  • All food and drinks must be removed from refrigerator and freezer
  • Sinks should be cleaned, counters and stovetop wiped
  • Remove all trash items and leave empty garbage cans inside the kitchen area
  • Check/clean restrooms so they are left in the same condition they were at the beginning of the event. (pick up all paper, empty all trash receptacles, flush all toilets, and turn off all lights
  • Check the grounds arounds the building and parking lot where guests might have dropped cups, cans, and other debris
  • All lights must be turned off
  • All exterior doors must be tightly shut and locked
  • Heat/air units returned to original setting
  • Dry mop the hardwood floors **DO NOT SCRUB WOODEN FLOOR** You can use a damp mop if absolutely necessary with the following mixture; ½ cup white vinegar to a scrub bucket of water, changed several times during the entire floor.  Mop with the grain of the wood.

Please be aware if the building is not cleaned to the standards above you will forfeit your security deposit

Maintenance Issues

If an issue arises with the facility please call the Town Office at (434) 535-8865 before 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, call Donald Seaborne at (434) 378-3414 after 5:00pm all other hours.